Toni. 20. Denver. High

my music

my face hurts.

I’m so irritable with everything/everyone today.
It’s probably the after affects of the anesthesia used for my surgery today… but holy fuck.

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Hi tumblr, it’s gloomy in Denver today.
odd looking creature.
guys I love my new huf socks

knowing I’ll be seeing him in December,

having to say goodbye a week later…

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I cannot stand when bitches are so strongly opinionated about other girls posting revealing pictures.
First of all, it’s 2013, chill the fuck out. We’re not living in the 1800’s anymore.
Second of all, if I post a revealing picture, it doesn’t mean I’m having sex with every person who lays their eyes on it. So your slut-shaming is invalid as fuck.
Third of all, my body is work of art as is everyone else’s, nudity is a natural thing. Talking about “respecting our bodies” has nothing to do with posting a picture in some underwear and a bra. I’m respecting it AND flaunting it bitch.
Fourth and for most, why are you so damn worried about what another bitch does? envious and jealousy.

You bitches weren’t even around when it was frowned upon to even show your ankles and now y’all are trying to reinforce that like it’s your damn job?
get the fuck out with that shit. My motive for the pictures of my body is just to piss y’all off now honestly.

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fuck the little coronitas are so fucking cute. :’)


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forever bra-less
fuck a bra