I am so blessed to have my dad. My mom also, but growing up in a toxic environment with my mother being an abusive alcoholic, I am so thankful for my dad having a straight and compassionate head on his shoulders.

I love my mom just as much when she’s flat out sober, but I’m tired of hearing that I’m not capable of the things that I really am just because she’s drunk & angry…….

I’ve been through so much…..

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Can you follow me out to the water?
I can show you we’re sinking deeper.
Let me know.

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I wish someone would actually invest their time in getting to know me.

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Sometimes the hardest things to do are worth doing in the scheme of things. Pushing yourself over an obstacle builds character and strength, expanding your limitations so you can know more and more of what you’re capable of. People don’t dare cross a line because they’re not familiar with what’s on the other side, there’s only one way to find out. And I myself, would much rather move with the motions than stand in one spot, toe to toe with that skeptical line being questioned.
I’ve seen a lot of shit, I’m also unsure of a lot of shit. But I know what I strive for, and that’s wisdom, so that I can truly help others see the silver lining when they’re face to face with those lines they’re too fearful to cross. And experience is the best teacher for that, to live and to learn.
I was made to help people, I know I was. I might not know what direction in my own life I’m heading, or what true goals I want to set for myself. I can’t picture myself being a specific something in the future, I can’t think of anything that would make me more happy than to know I’ve helped lives breathe a little easier. That’s all I seek, is happiness within myself and happiness within others. And helping people cross that line to happiness is what makes me happy. I was born for it and I’m more than perfectly okay with that.


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It’s getting harder and harder for me to connect with people. My mind is always stuck in the depths of everything, but no one would ever know. 
I would just love it if someone stuck around long enough to try and understand. I’m a beautiful soul, I change perspectives. My way of doing things is a little different. I’m just on a whole different level. 

But losing my mind sounds just as good I guess.

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